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Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics:

Recognizing and thanking their awesome partners!


Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics have made some great friends over the last while.  We want to reach out and support our friends - we hope you will too :)

We are very glad to welcome our awesome channel partners in Scandanavia!  If you are looking at our site from the Scandanavian world, wondering if you can save some money on shipping and get your new sonar mounting products quickly, please click on the banner above, and get world class service from the Fish Finder Mounts .com team in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  Don't miss the chance to get the world's best! 

Here's our fantastic dealer of our float tube fish finder mounting products in the Netherlands. They also now carry our Xpower Magnetic transducer mount. Please click on the logo above to get all the contact information or to buy from their online store.


Western Canoeing & Kayaking have been around for 30 years plus.  Why, because they have amazing customer service, and they carry the best products out there.  If you are in the lower mainland of beautiful British Columbia Canada - make sure you visit them if you are looking for a new kayak, canoe or top notch gear!  Western Canoeing & Kayaking carry our Magnetic transducer mount; which is perfect for kayaks and canoes alike. Click on the logo banner above to visit their website and take a moment to check out their online store.


The New Fly Fisher Logo.JPG

The New Fly Fisher is an entertaining, educational and informative Television & Online Video Series that serves anglers of all ability levels. The series showcases exciting fishing Destinations…the places where TroutBassPikeSalmon and other species thrive. Each unique episode taps into the stories and knowledge of guides and outfitters in Canada, the USA and around the world. You’ll learn about the amazing habits of different fish species and you’ll share in our tricks and tips for overcoming the frequent challenges you’ll face on the water. We have partnered with Orvis Fly Fishing and RIO Products to help provide the most up-to-date information for those who want to Learn How To Fly Fish. Come join The New Fly Fisher every week on our exciting and revealing fishing adventures. Fly Fishing for Beginners and All Anglers.

Click on the logo above to see and explore their website.

The Fishin' Hole has been serving anglers in Western Canada since 1975 and operates 5 retail locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba - Canada.


Staff at The Fishin' Hole are enthusiastic anglers themselves and have a great deal of input into the product selection and services offered by the company.  


Get our 5ah Magnetic boat mount kit, tube kit and or famous magnetic transducer mounts from the friendly folks at the fishin' hole today!  Cilck their logo above to get in touch today.

The Best Float Tube Fishing forum on the Internet!

Here's a very cool and wonderful place for you float tube fishing entusiastes to hang out.  Lots of good info and knowledge here - and the forum community is perhaps the most friendliest group we have ever met!


Click on the logo above to see their website and online store.

Capacity Sports Australia.JPG

Capacity Sports are your Australian Kayak and Canoe Specialists.  They stock all the biggest brands including Fish Finder Mounts .com; so we want to put a shout out to all our fabulous Aussie customers, please contact Capacity Sports now to get our awesome Xpower Magnetic Transducer mount for your kayak or canoe today!  Click on their logo above to find the Xpower Magnetic Transducer Mount on their website.

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