If you want to strap on your control head to a bench or seat or some other feature within or on your fishing vessel, and you want to strap on your transducer mount to the bladder or pontoon of your boat, and you have a fish finder in the 7/8 inch screen category - this is the mounting kit for you.

10ah Fully Strapped-on mounting kit

Swivel Mount Plate
Choose your transducer strap length
Choose your control head mount strap length
  • -Not recommended for small personal float tubes / belly boats\ -Recommended for personal pontoon boats, Zodiac style inflatable boats -Comes with everything you need to mount and power your fish finder straight out of the box. -Recommended for up to 7 inch screen fish finders, having enough battery power capacity to run such a fish finder for a good solid day of fishing prior to needing a recharge. 3-5 inch screen fish finders will run for multiple days. -Comes with 10ah control head mounting components, (2x) 96" polypropylene straps, 10ah rechargeable battery & strap-on transducer mount. Note: the control head is mounted via a 2 inch wide strap separately from the transducer mount, which is strapped on separately using a 1.5 inch wide strap.
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