There are many inflatable boats out there with hard bottoms yet without solid side walls or even a hard transom where a motor would clamp to and rest upon. Those are the kind of boats that have inspired, or even necessitated the creation of this glue-on mounting system.


Here are a couple of great installation videos:

The gluing-on of the control head portion is a very effective method for mounting a fish finder control head to any inflatable dinghy, run-about, or zodiac style inflatable boat. It's an effective solution because it allows the user to install the fish finder wherever they may desire on the top of the inflatable bladder so as to optimize proximity and viewing comfort. It's also unorthodox in design when it comes to the transducer mounting solution, as it is designed to mount on the side of the tube rather than the top of the tube like a set of oars would be, or perhaps a rod holder.


Glue/Adhesive is sold separately, and must be sourced from a third party. For PVC fabricated boats we recommend: CLIFTON URETHANE GLUE as seen at this link: ; and for Hypalon boats we recommend the STABOND UK - 148 adhesive as seen at this link: . If you are in Canada, check out the Aquabatics website for some good options here: The Scotty's glue on mount in this kit is fabricated from a flexible PVC.

For battery charging and maintenance we have an automatic charger available under our ACCESSORIES section of our shop on this website. Please do not use an automotive style charger as these units charge at 2 amps minimum continuously; which is too aggressive for the smaller batteries that come with our mounting kits.

10ah Glue-On Boat Mount Kit - up to 8" screens

Choose your glue-on pad color
  • -Comes with EVERYTHING you need to mount and power your fish finder straight out of the box - except for the glue. 

    We strongly recommend you consider purchasing our 10ah Quick Release base here to pair with this kit - for easy removal of the powered control head base (selectable on this page).

    Part details can also be seen here:

    -Scotty Glue-On Plate dimensions are 7" x 5"