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So you desire to mount a 7" or 8" inch fish finder on your boat and to help you on your fishing adventures. Or alternatively, perhaps you just want more runtime for a smaller sized fish finder. Not a problem for our 10ah fish finder mounting system which comes standard with our 15mm magnetic transducer mount (or upgrade to the Xpower model), and a 10 amp hour rechargeable battery to keep your graph running all fishing day long - everything you need to mount and power your fish finder and transducer on your boat without drilling holes.  Make your fish finder portable.

Recommended for:

Any Fish Finder up to 8" Inches in screen size. If you have a larger fish finder than this, we suggest you consider our 7.5 non-powered magnetic boat mount kit for any fish finders that are beyond 8" inches in screen size. You will also want to provide/source a larger deep cycle battery. We suggest you add 5 amp hours of battery capacity for every inch of screen over 8 inches in size.

For battery charging and maintenance we have an automatic charger available under our ACCESSORIES section of our shop on this website. Please do not use an automotive style charger as these units charge at 2 amps minimum continuously; which is too aggressive for our relatively smaller batteries that come with our mounting kits.

10ah Magnetic Boat Mount Kit, up to 8" screens

  • CHOOSE YOUR SWIVEL MOUNTING PLATE (above): -for fish finders with single mounting posts the 4.5"x4.5" plate is the recommended choice. An example would be the Lowrance Elite 7ti -for fish finder wish a gimbal mounting bracket, the 7.5"x3.0" plate is the correct choice. And example would be the Garmin Striker 7sv as seen on this product page. -We recommend you upgrade to the Xpower magnetic transducer mount if you have a transducer that is over 5 inches in length -Comes standard with our 15mm magnetic transducer mount, and a 10 amp hour rechargeable battery included -Comes with quick connect cable set included Kit WEIGHT: 5.5 Kg / 11 lbs