TIP: Buy this and put it on your gunnel clamp, your glue on plate; fasten it to the dash of your boat or kayak, how about to a seat in your boat or canoe. There are many places you can bolt this down to, yet you can remove your fish finder and its power source in a mere second or two!

Now mounting your Fish Finder Mounts .com and Float Tube Fanatics battery box platform has become even easier. This upgrade kit (for boats and kayaks) makes attaching and removing your fish finder on and off your boat a snap! In fact you can install and remove it within mere seconds with addition of this new quick release base mount.

Works with all our 10ah Boat Mount, Kayak & Glue-On Kit models.

Physical footprint dimensions:  9.25" x 3"

10ah Quick Release Base

  • Comes with: -machined quick release base plate and fasteners Footprint - Dimensions: 9.25"L  x  3"W