You have a Float Tube, and you want a fish finder sitting in front of you like a quiet friend helping you with details like the depth of the water, the structure on the bottom, and the temperature of the water. Only one problem, how to get it and keep it there? No, actually this is not even slightly a problem with our 5ah 4.5 float tube fish finder mounting kit for fish finders up to 5" inches in size. Everything installs neatly, easily and tidily on one polypropylene strap - transducer, control head and all.

You have also decided you want a little more out of your fish finder, you want more information, and more power to fuel your larger fish finder. Well not to worry, as this model comes with a 5 amp hour rechargeable battery, that will keep your finder powered all fishing day long.

This mount comes with EVERYTHING you need to both MOUNT and POWER your fish finder straight out of the box. Kiss your fish finder mounting problems good-bye for good with this ultimate solution from Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com .



For battery charging and maintenance we have an automatic charger available under our ACCESSORIES section of our shop on this website. Please do not use an automotive style charger as these units charge at 2 amps minimum continuously; which is too aggressive for the smaller batteries that come with our mounting kits.

5ah 4.5 Float Tube Mount Kit - up to 5" screens

SKU: KIT00188
  • -Recommended for fish finders up to 5" inches in size -Kit Weight: 2.3 Kg