Many of Dave Scadden tube models like the Renegade model have oars mounted directly to the air bladder without any frame.  We have created this mounting kit for those boats from Dave Scadden. 

This model is recommended for up to 5 inch (screen size) fish finders.

5ah Dave Scadden Tube Mount - up to 5" screens

  • Comes with everything you need to mount and power your fish finder on your Dave Scadden frameless (or similar) fishing tube. Recommended for boats such as follows: Dave Scadden Models: Outlaw Escape Outlaw Predator Outlaw Renegade Carbon Predator Outlaw Rampage Outlaw Challenger Outlaw Excalibur XX Outcast Models: Stealth Pro Fish Cat Scout Commander Water Strider kick boat by Water Strider Recommended for fish finder screens up to 5 inches note: If you need a charger we sell one here on our website under accessories.
  • Choose the 96" strap option if you have a large inflatable watercraft with pontoon diameter of 18" inches or greater (hint, we know of no float tube or one person tube that needs this length)