Do you want to use the tracks that are already installed on your kayak to install our fish finder mounting system for kayaks?  Well now you can!  This is our track install kit which employs a machined aluminum strip with stainless t-bolts and wing nuts.If you already have the track system on your kayak, why drill more holes?  Instead use this kit. Just attach the aluminum strip to the underside of the battery box platform using the included hardware; then attach the track t-bolt and wing nuts, tightening them down when the desired position is realized.  Installation should take around 1-2 minutes, and once the aluminum track strip is installed on the battery box, installing and detachment can occur within mere seconds. 

5ah Kayak Track Install Upgrade Kit

SKU: KIT00304
  • -7.5 inches Long Comes with: -Machined Aluminum track strip -Stainless track fastener hardware