Glue-On Non-Powered Fish Finder Mounting kit for Inflatable boats - provides everything you need to mount your fish finder and transducer on your inflatable kayak, zodiac boat and other such similar boats.  Recommended for fish finder screens from 7 inches and up!


Here are a couple of great installation videos:


And here is an on-the-water in-use video:


The gluing-on of the control head portion is a very effective method for mounting a fish finder control head to any inflatable dinghy, run-about, or zodiac style inflatable boat. It's an effective solution because it allows the user to install the fish finder wherever they may desire on the top of the inflatable bladder; so as to optimize proximity and viewing comfort.  We also find it is safer when it's not inside of your boat, on the floor somewhere for you to accidentally trip over when you are fighting that big fish of the day!

Glue/Adhesive is sold separately, and must be sourced from a third party. For PVC fabricated boats we recommend: CLIFTON URETHANE GLUE as seen at this link: ; and for Hypalon boats we recommend the STABOND UK - 148 adhesive as seen at this link: . If you are in Canada, check out the Aquabatics website for some good options here: The Scotty's glue on mount in this kit is fabricated from a flexible PVC.

7.5 Non-Powered Glue-On Mount kit

SKU: KIT00322
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