An automatic 800 milliamp charger for charging and maintaining your batteries from Fish Finder Mounts .com.


This charger will charge our 2.9ah battery in about 3.6 hours from full discharge, our 5ah battery in 6.25 hours and our 10ah battery in 12.5 hours. (Our 1.5 amp charger charges at nearly double the speed - found on our accessories, and other webstore pages)


It is a maintenance style charger, so leave your battery on the charger for extended durations (e.g. storage over the winter, etc.) without the concern for overcharging the battery.  In fact we recommend that as soon as you can get your battery back on this charger and leave it plugged in and connected to your battery until next use.  See our battery care link under the Home Link for more information on battery care.

800 Milliamp Charger-Maintainer

SKU: ACC00012