This charger is perfect for recharging and maintaining your batteries from Fish Finder Mounts .com. It not only charges your battery but will maintain it on automatic float charge over the off season; effectively maintaining the health of your battery pack for the long term. 


This charger will charge our 2.9ah battery in about 2 hours from full discharge (we recommend our 800 Milliamp charger for the 2.9ah battery instead), our 5ah battery in 3.5 hours and our 10ah battery in 6.7 hours.


See our battery care link under our home page link for more information on how to care for and maintain your batteries from Fish Finder Mounts .com

NOTE: Please do not use an automotive style charger that charges at 2 amps continuous typically, and is too aggressive for our smaller rechargeable batteries.

1.5 amp Automatic Battery Charger - Maintainer

SKU: ACC00011
  • 1.5 amp automatic battery charger / maintainer for small rechargeable 12volt & 6volt batteries such as the FTF battery pack. Just hook up and leave your battery for a long as you like (off season perhaps? ;) Use in conjunction with the FTF battery charger, for a mobile charging soltion.