This is our clamp on Downrigger mount that makes your downrigger portable and installable on boat gunwale edges that are up to 4" inches wide with scuff/jaw guards installed and 4.5" with the scuff guards removed.  The 4" clamps are unique in the market as being the widest clamp-on option available.  This means you have a wider range of boats you can potentially install your downrigger on.  2.5" inches is the max you'll find from any competitor.


This mount has been revised in February 2021 to add the Dual Clamps to make it rock solid when clamping on to your gunwale edges of your boat.  The Dual Clamp also helps to correct pitch/tilt issues in order to keep your downriggers in a steady horizontal position.


If your boat has a major draft angle on the sides of you boat you may also want to pick up a pair of these 15° offset jaw guards - at this link:


Video Link for Dual Jaw Clamp:


Clamp-on Downrigger Mount