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This 5ah 4.5 Clamping Pole Mount for fish finders provides you with everything you need to mount and power your fish finder and transducer, and make your fish finder entirely portable!


If you have a sun dolphin sportsman, pond prowler, pelican bass raider sealed plastic boat, or you have a large pontoon boat where you might want to mount your fish finder and transducer off the bow of the boat, this kit will work wonders for you. This kit can also be used on Aluminum Jon boats, canoes and the like.  Comes with everything you need to mount and power your transducer and fish finder control head.


Note: If you have a place on your boat that you want to clamp this mount to, e.g. the gunwale edge of your hull sides, and if that spot is wider than 2" inches; you may need to consider upgrading to the 3.5" extra wide gunnel clamp version, which we call our extended gunnel clamp.  The upgrade purchase can be made on this page, and more details can be seen at this link:

5ah 4.5 Clamping Pole Fish Finder Mount

  • -32" inch telescopic pole reach

    -Mount any popular fish finder up to a 5" inch screen and power it for a good long day of fishing

    -Capability to rotate both the control head and transducer up to 360°

    -Capability to tilt up to 180° both at the clamp position and the transducer mount position