Our Pole Arm Transducer Mount made specifically to accommodate and mount the Garmin Live Scope transducer.  Mount the transducer to the bottom wider diameter conical adapter using the hose clamp/bushing style clamp provided or that comes with the Live Scope transducer.


32" inches long default / 48" inch optional pole available

8" optional handle available

Rotational at 360°

Tiltable up to 180°

Choose between the base conical Livescope transducer adapter diameter is 1.25" inches or our Garmin Perspective Mode adapter


6) Optional Gunnel Clamp Stabilizer bar to eliminate any rocking motion of the clamp from side to side - can be purchase separately at this link:  



Add a Shaft Clamp for smoother pole rotation and a more consistent depth setting: https://www.fishfindermounts.com/product-page/depth-setting-pole-ring


Please click on these video links (just below) for much more detailed information about this product.  Please note:  We do not have specific videos of this Live Scope addition as of yet; but these videos below will provide a good understanding as to how this product operates:













Garmin Livesonar Transducer Pole Arm Mount

  • - 32" inch telescopic pole reach

    - Universal design - fitting a vast variety of all the popular fish finder transducers on the market.

    -Capability to rotate transducer 360°

    -Capability to tilt up to 180° both at the clamp position and the transducer mount position

    -optional handle available for purchase

    -optional extended gunnel clamp available for purchase

  • w/8" handle, 48" pole, 4" gunnel clamp = 628451484219