Our Pole Arm Transducer Mount made specifically to accomodate and mount the Garmin Live Scope transducer.  Mount the transducer to the bottom wider diameter conical adapter using the hose clamp/bushing style clamp provided or that comes with the Live Scope transducer.


32" inches long default / 48" inch optional pole available

8" optional handle available

Rotational at 360°

Tiltable up to 180°

Base conical Livescope transducer adapter diameter is 1.25" inches


*NOTE* All Livescope Mounts come with Livescope Adapter


Add a Shaft Clamp for smoother pole rotation and a more consistent depth setting: https://www.fishfindermounts.com/product-page/depth-setting-pole-ring


Please click on these video links (just below) for much more detailed information about this product.  Please note:  We do not have specific videos of this Live Scope addition as of yet; but these videos below will provide a good understanding as to how this product operates:













Garmin Livescope Transducer Pole Arm Mount

Handle Option
Pole Length Option
Gunnel Clamp Option
  • - 32" inch telescopic pole reach

    - Universal design - fitting a vast variety of all the popular fish finder transducers on the market.

    -Capability to rotate transducer 360°

    -Capability to tilt up to 180° both at the clamp position and the transducer mount position

    -optional handle available for purchase

    -optional extended gunnel clamp available for purchase

  • w/8" handle, 48" pole, 4" gunnel clamp = 628451484219

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