The Garmin Livescope 20ah 12v Powered Control Head mount, only from Fish Finder Mounts .com has been specifically designed to power and mount your Garmin control screen and your GLS-10 control box simultaneously, ultimately making your Livescope power-control components completely portable.


The Base model without any optional outlets choosen/installed will by default contain two SAE power connectors to provide power for both your fish finder control head screen and your GLS-10 control box.


The 20ah Quick Release base option can be mounted to any vertical or horizontal surface area.  The 20ah power base station mount can quickly and conveniently snap in and out of this quick release base to provide a secure mounting platform for your control screen and GLS-10 control box.  


Add one of our Livescope Transducer Pole Mount kits to make your entire Garmin Livescope fish finder system - Control Screen, GLS-10 and Transducer all entirely portable! - transducer mount links below:


Power Outlet Option Descriptions


In addition to the two SAE power outlets provided to supply power to both your fish finder control screen and your GLS-10 Livescope control box, you may choose 1 of the following options, or none:


-Dual USB Charger Outlet w/Voltmeter to charge your portable electronics such as smart phones and tablets

-Cigarette Lighter Style Power Outlet to power small accessories such as an air compressor - up to 10 amp power draw




If you wish to mount your GLS-10 control box separately, we have a GLS-10 Quick Release mounting base accessory here:


If you want to mount your Livescope system on multiple boats or multiple places on a single boat with ease and convenience you may purchase multiple 20ah Quick Release bases here:


NOTE: Fish Finder Components shown in photos just for display - not included.


Garmin Livescope 20ah Portable Power Center Mount

  • Power Box Mounting Station dimensions:

    11" inches x 10.5" inches x 3.75" inches

    Weight with 20ah and 7.5" swivel mounting plate included (not including 20ah 12v Quick Release Base):

    16.5 lbs