The Gen3 Clamp-on Livescope (actually let's call it "Livesonar") for Garmin Livescope, Lowrance Active Target and Humminbird Mega Live Imaging Pole & Beam Mounting System is rotational, tiltable and telescopic yet it clamps on via our powerful 4" Dual Jaw Gunnel Clamp (seen here at this link: )  to make it ultimately portable.  Clamp it on the gunwale edge of your boat, or the transom edge.  If you rent boats or borrow friend's boats this is an awesome solution for your Garmin Livescope mounting needs! It rotates horizontally (perfect for port or starboard mounting placement), tilts up to 180° degrees, and telescopes up and down for depth adjustment.  You can even easily remove it out of the receiver block on top of the clamp to break it down further for compact and convenient portability.




There are a variety of options:


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Optional Gunnel Clamp Stabilizer bar to eliminate any rocking motion of the clamp from side to side - can be purchase separately at this link:


1) BEAM LENGTH:  The 5" beam is great for gunnel mounting applications where you don't need much reach to get out from the side/edge of the boat and down into the water.  The 10" beam is longer having many incremental settings for exactly how long you might want it extended out from the side, or over the side/transom/bow of your boat.


2) POLE LENGTH/(Down Rod/Shaft): You will get a 12" inch link and a 20" inch link for a total of 32" inches by default when purchasing this product, but if you want more length purchase more shaft link extensions at the following 3 links below:


6" inch  /  12" inch  /  20" inch


3) HANDLE: Add an 8" fixed or adjustable machined handle for ergonomic convenience when rotating the pole to direct the signal of your Livesonar transducer, or choose "none" and add an adjustable folding extendable handle here as an option at this link:


4) SHAFT COLLAR CLAMP: Add a Shaft Clamp for smoother pole rotation and a more consistent depth setting - here at this link:


5) LIVESCOPE ADAPTER TYPE: choose between the standard cylinder adapter covering Garmin Livesope (down & forward views), Lowrance Active Target (all views), & Humminbird Mega Live Imaging (all views), or select the Perspective Mode adapter (Garmin Livescope only) which supports all modes - perspective, down and forward.




Gen3 Clamp-on Livesonar Pole & Beam Mount kit