This Product is configured for the Humminbird 360° Mega Imaging Sonar!


Special Note: Your 360° Imaging Transducer pole is 1.126" inches in diameter; so the clamp that holds the 360° transducer pole has been bored out to accept the dimension of that pole diameter seemlessly.


Our Generation 3 Pole & Beam Mounting System (New for 2021) for the Humminbird 360° Imaging Transducer is rotational, tiltable and telescopic; mount to a deck, gunnel edge or even a track system.  It rotates horizontally (perfect for port or starboard mounting placement), tilts up to 180° degrees, and telescopes up and down for depth adjustment.  You can even easily remove it out of the receiver block for quick install and break down for portability requirements.  


-Receiver block footprint dimension is: 4" long x 2 3/4" wide x 1 13/16"ths high

-Footing plate hole dimensions are shown in product photos here:




There are a variety of options:


1) BEAM LENGTH:  The 5" beam is great for gunnel mounting applications where you don't need much reach to get from the side of the boat and down into the water.  The 10" beam is longer having many incremental settings for exactly how long you might want it extended out from the side, or over the side/transom/bow of your boat.


2) POLE LENGTH/(Down Rod/Shaft):  Use/Insert your Humminbird 360° transducer pole directly into the mount clamp.


3) 2" INCH RISER BLOCKS:  If you are deck mounting and need vertical rise to get clearance over your boat gunwale edge.  Available on our transducer mounts page of our website - here:




Add as many 2" inch segments that you like to get the horizontal beam of our mount up and over the gunwale edge of your boat from - say - a deck mounting position.


4) MORE RECIEVER BLOCKS:  Move your 360° transducer to multiple positions on your boat if so desired.  Add more receiver blocks from our accessories page at this link:




Gen3 Humminbird MEGA 360 Mounting kit