Our Gen3 Livesonar Ice Pole Mount is more portable than ever with it's (1" diameter) collapsable shaft link extension system! You want the ultimate in portability for your Livesonar Mount - here it is!  Compatible with Garmin Livescope, Lowrance Active Target and Humminbird Mega Live Imaging.  Tired of crappy plastic poles and sub par mounts for ice fishing with your Livesonar system?  Look no further than our Gen3 lightweight all aluminum fold up portable Livesonar Ice Pole Mount!  


Comes standard with one 20 inch and one 12 inch shaft link; total 32" inches of pole length when assembled together. Click-on the following three links to add more shaft links for greater shaft length for your transducer pole:


6" inch / 12" inch / 20" inch



Video Link:

Gen2 video:


Gen3 video:



Comes with a 1" bore shaft collar clamp



Gen3 Livesonar Ice Pole Mount

SKU: KIT00443