If you have an inflatable boat or kayak with a hard bottom, and no hard features or walls, this transducer mount will solve your transducer mounting dilemma.

All the grey machined parts are easily and fully removable from your watercraft. Securely set up your fishfinder on your float tube within a couple of minutes once your glue-on pads are secured in place! Easily breakdown and remove your set up when it's time to deflate and transport your boat.

This transducer mounting kit for inflatable boats comes with everything you need to mount your transducer straight out of the box.


The Sea Eagle 285 FPB Pro and Velocity inflatable kayak are shown here as a great example of what kind of watercraft are candidates for this mounting kit - solution.


Glue/Adhesive is sold separately, and must be sourced from a third party. For PVC fabricated boats we recommend: CLIFTON URETHANE GLUE as seen at this link: https://www.nrs.com/product/1901/clifton-urethane-adhesive-la-4123 ; and for Hypalon boats we recommend the STABOND UK - 148 adhesive as seen at this link: http://www.nrs.com/product/1903/stabond-adhesive . If you are in Canada, check out the Aquabatics website for some good options here:  https://aqoutdoors.com/search?q=clifton The Scotty's glue on mount in this kit is fabricated from a flexible PVC.


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Glue-On Transducer Mount Kit

Glue on Pad color selection
  • -comes with 2 transducer arm extensions and glue on transducer assembly as shown in the product photos here ***GLUE IS NOT INCLUDED***

    -Glue-On base footprint dimensions 7" x 5"