To see how this mount works, please have a look at our YouTube video here:


This is our magnetic transducer mount turned into a camera mount for small cameras like a GoPro or small point and shoots even.  This mount will allow you to set up your camera in unusual spots without the need for a tripod device.  Perfect for situating your camera underwater on your kayak, etc.  The mount works like an invisible clamp, where the two magnet pairs cling to each other through materials.  There are two lanyards included in the package; which you should make use of especially in water or moving applications so as to not loose your camera.  The articulating camera ball mount is also included, and allows you to fine tune adjust your camera angle in any way you wish.  You would provide the camera and the final mounting pieces as required.  Use on surfaces up to a half inch thick, and a quarter inch thick in moving water applications.  


Footprint of magnetic base is 3.3" long x 1.7" wide.  Each magnetic block is about 0.75" high.

Magnetic Camera Mount

SKU: KIT00137