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Starting out as fishermen looking for a solution...



Over 20 years ago we started fly fishing from a float tube.  Eventually we started getting into chironomid or midge fishing, where knowing the depth at which we were fishing was crucial in proper fly presentation.  We needed a float tube fishfinder.


We didn't know much about fishfinders or depth sounders at the time.  Every once in a while we'd see another fisherman on the water in his float tube with a fishin buddy fishfinder - with the long pole and basic fish finder on top.  


Eventually we got our own fishfinders and began the challenge of figuring out the best way, with common materials to attach these fishfinders to our tubes. It was a messy affair and far from precision work.  


We looked for a commercial solution over the years but no one, or no company at least, ever came out with a clear-cut great solution.  In time frustration lead to a journey to create the ultimate fish finder mounting solution for float tube fisherman.  


It took time in the development process, trying different ideas through trial and error.  Eventually we came up with our first All-In-One universal float tube fishfinder mounting systems that we believed everyone would love; because when we used them out on the water while fishing, we loved using them. They were convenient, easy to set up, provided plenty of power, managed the extra cabling neatly and tidily, and mounted both the control head and transducer mount with precision and a ton of adjustability. We felt strongly that we had a winner. 


When we started out as Float Tube Fanatics, we weren't sure how far this would go, and what kind of reception we'd have from our fishing brethren in regards to our newly invented device; but quickly we came to realize from the positive feedback we were getting from our customers, that this wasn't going away anytime soon.  

We also found we loved the creative process, and the satisfaction of the sense of achievement we drew from it.  

There was a distinct refreshing feeling we got from being in control of designing and delivering a product that was of uncommon and outstanding quality; in a world where there is so much cheaply and poorly made products; that often did not even provide an entire solution, or at least an elegant solution with all the bases covered.  


As the float tube fish finder mount business began to grow, we started to look for new challenges in the fish finder mounting realm.  We moved on to Aluminum boats, canoes and kayaks; and we came up with the novell idea of using super magnets to create an innovative and profound solution for mounting transducers on small fishing boats and watercraft.  


We were edgy about the idea, we knew we needed to test and validate it; but we felt strongly about trying out the concept - believing it could be ground breaking.  


Well, we are glad we did, because our boat and kayak mounting systems that leverage the magnetic trasducer mounting idea have grown in popularity with our customers indeed; and the ability to competently mount a transducer in such a way, without having to drill holes in one's small fishing boat, was and is revolultionary.  

Through our interactions and experiences with our customers, we have become confident that this magnetic mounting solution will be a staple piece of equipment in the sport fishing world for many many years to come.

Most of our mounts come with everything the user needs to not only mount, but to also power their fish finder straight out of the box, so this has become a sort of moto for us: "EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MOUNT AND POWER YOUR FISH FINDER STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOX". After all, isn't that what all of us want when we purchase a solution usually?  And again that being "everything we need", the beginning and ending of the problem; completely addressed and solved - this has become our passion.  We have found a great sum of joy in sharing the results of this passion with our fishing friends and customers all over this blue planet of ours.


We want to sincerely thank all you, our customers and friends for sharing in our story.


Sincerely, from your friends at: 


Fish Finder Mounts .com &

Float Tube Fanatics

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