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A short list of some of the most popular questions we get from our customers:




Where do you ship? And what is your typical shipping time?


We ship worldwide. We typically ship within 1-3 business days from when you place your order.  Once shipped, our products usually arrive at their destination within about 6-9 business days depending on where they are going, and about  6 to 10 business days when we ship outside of North America.  Shipping costs are calculated during the checkout process from our online webstore, and you will have the chance to review all the costs (including shipping) prior to finalizing your purchase.  You are able to purchase expedited shipping levels on our website.  PLEASE PROVIDE A HOME OR BUSINESS ADDRESS IF YOU AT ALL CAN; we typically and mostly ship through UPS who do not ship to PO Boxes.





Where is Fish Finder Mounts .com?


We are on the Pacific West Coast (Pacific Time Zone), near Vancouver British Columbia; 10 minutes from the Washington border and about a 2 hour drive out of North of Seattle.

How Can I track my order?


UPS will send you a tracking number when we ship your fish finder mounting products to you.  Please ensure to check your email spam folder if you don't see our emails coming through when you think you should.  It's likely your spam filter has stuck our correspondence in your spam or junk folder.    

What Kind of Product Guaranty do you offer?


We offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on our products.  Try the product out on your boat/watercraft, in the  water.  If you don't like it for some reason, please email us for return instructions and we will send those to you; with which you can proceed with your return. We will refund you the product purchase price when we have it back in our possession - no hassles.  If for some reason, you can't try it within the 90 days; don't worry, we're honest people and so are you; so really, it's a let us know after you try it guaranty. 


What Kind of customer service should I expect?


We are keenly determined to go above and beyond for our customers, providing them a service that is "uncommon" in todays world of online stores and businesses.  We truly rely on our customers' kind endorsements of our products.  It is you that helps us get the word out to the rest of the world about our great customer service and products that we offer.  Simply and bluntly put: It would be madness for us not to offer our customers world class customer service... and we think it's silly that any other business wouldn't have the same mindset.

My Product doesn't look exactly like the photos on your Website...


Sometimes it's true.  We are always improving and innovating our products where it makes sense.  An example of this is where we have modified our transducer mounting arm links so they can be simply turned 90 degrees and mounted on either the transom or side of a boat.  And we further modified the way the transducer mounts onto the end of our adapter arms by redesigning them to feature an adjustable aperture.  There are almost no transducers designed for transom mounting that we know of that our transducer mounts do no support; thereby making them completely universal.  Anyhow, you get the picture - we're always improving - but never at the sacrifice of delivering a superior high quality product.


Do your magnets interfere with the operation of the transducer(s) at all?


No! Absolutely not - not whatsoever!



1) Is a battery charger included in your powered kits? 2) What kind of charger is required? 3) Can I use my own charger? 4) How fast does your charger charge up your batteries? 5) What is the expected longevity of my battery?

1. No, we sell a charger separately, or you may source your own.

2. A 12 volt battery charger that is designed for smaller sealed lead acid or absorbent glass mat packs. We sell an intelligent charger that protects your battery from being overcharged; as it senses when your battery has been fully charged, and then it automatically switches into a maintenance mode where it float charges the battery for long term storage.  You battery can therefore be left/stored connected to the charger we sell for months and months.

3. If your charger is 1.5 amps or less, and charges at 12 volts - yes.  Although 2 amps of current may work, we suggest a lesser current is gentler and better for the batteries we sell. DO NOT charge at a rate of higher than 2 amps.  Again - your charger must be 12 volts and be designed for lead acid battery chemistries - not any other chemistry or voltage.  Keep the charge current 2 amp (preferable less) or under.

4.  From a state of full discharge: 2.9ah battery 2-3 hours, 5ah battery 3-4 hours, 10ah 5.5-6.5 hours 

5. If you keep your battery stored properly and do not let it sit in a state of discharge for long, you should get 2-4 years of use depending on how often your cycle/use the battery.  Batteries do shrink in terms of capacity over the long haul; so for example a 5ah battery will become more like a 4ah battery over time and use, and then a 3ah battery, and so on.


How should I store my battery?

Please go to this link here, for the answers on battery storage, maintenance and care:


How should I store my magnetic transducer mount?

You may leave them stuck together, but we suggest you might like to use some kind of separating material so they are easy to get apart when you go to use them again - watch those fingers!


How fast can I travel with your (clamping style) magnetic transducer mount in the water?

This is a good question; the problem is there are so many different types of boats, transducers and motors.  General rule of thumb if you have an 10-18 foot open hull aluminum boat is if you can attach our clamping style magnetic transducer mount to the stern area of your boat, depending on the size of your transducer you will be able to cruise in around the 20-30 mph range; perhaps faster if you have a small transducer; and perhaps a somewhat slower if your transducer is very large.  

In terms of kayaks, canoes and other similar watercraft: if your hull material is over a 1/4" inch thick then you should consider other methods for mounting your transducer such as our pole arm transducer mounts.  Some boats as such may have a foam lining.  In such cases, depending on the thickness of this linking, you may need to create a small notch of about 3"x1.15" to accommodate our magnetic transducer mount. 

Beyond this guidance, if you have any further related questions we recommend you call us at 1-855-784-3474 for more information.


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