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How to Go About Selecting your Fish Finder and Transducer Mounting Device

How to shop on our website:

The "SHOP" link at the top left corner of this website will bring you to the fish finder mounts store.  You should see some categories appear underneath the "SHOP" link once you hover over the "SHOP" link or even if you click on it.  Some of these categories are self-explanatory; but to help clarify:

Fish Finder Screen Mounts:  Get your universal screen mounting solutions here.
Livesonar Mounts: Get your Garmin Livescope, Lowrance Active Target, and Humminbird Mega Live - Livesonar - Mounts at this category under our shop link!
Fish Finder Control Screen Mounts: Do you need an elevated fish finder screen mount to get your screen up off your deck and closer to your face/eyes - then shop this category under our shop link.
Rod, Downrigger & Camera Mounts:  Exactly as it says :)
Mix & Match: Look here if the other categories aren't providing the special kit you need for your special case/needs.
Inflatable Pontoon Mounts: These kits are typically designed for your inflatable personal kick rafts like those make by Outcast, Bucks Bags & Classic Accessories; they are usually one person boats that sport a frame, oars and oar locks.
Boat Mounts:  These kits are designed for use on your small Aluminum boats, Canoes, drift boats, and some types of fiberglass boats.  Our new (2018) Pole mounts are also found here and are great for all sorts of boats, especially pontoon deck boats and Plastic molded jon boats, like the Pond Prowler or Bass Hunter types.
Kayak Mounts: The title explains it.  Got a kayak?  You'll likely want to shop here.
Transducer Mounts: If you are only interested in getting a mounting solution for your conventional transducer, then this is the category you'll want to click on and go shopping.  
Accessories: Here we sell batteries, chargers, clamps, wiring harnesses, boat track adapters and much more.  
Float Tube Mounts: The place we started...  If you have any kind of inflatable float tube or kick boat, this is your shopping spot - Dave Scadden & frameless style tubes included.
Inflatable Boat Mounts: This is the shopping space for those with inflatable Zodiac style boats, dinghies, tenders, inflatable kayaks etc.  
Ice Fishing Products:  All the products we sell that relate to ice fishing
Mega 360: All the products we sell that support the Mega 360 products from Humminbird
Replacement Parts:  Sometimes stuff breaks.  If you're looking for a part replacement, or even backup parts you want on hand just in case, you'll likely find them here.

Special note concerning transducer mounting selection:  
-If you have a transducer that has a metal transom bracket that attaches directly to the top of it, please check our transducer mounts page to see which transducer adapter may be required for your transducer mounting needs (scroll down a few rows to find those); or call us toll free at: 1-855-784-3474   
-For Livesonar transducers such as the Garmin Livescope, Lowrance Active Target and Humminbird Mega Live we have a plethora of amazing choice that are top quality - see and get them here:
-We have a work around for the Raymarine Axiom transducers - if you have one of those.  Contact us for details/information.
-We do not support the Raymarine Element Transducers.
What powered mounting kit (includes a battery pack in the mounting kit) should you choose for your screen size?:
4" Screens:  3ah kit or greater
5" Screens:  5ah/6.5ah or greater
6" Screens:  6.5ah or greater
7" Screens: 6.5ah-minimum or greater
8" Screens: 20ah or greater
10" Sreens and above: 30ah or greater
The rule of thumb for selecting the size of swivel mounting plate (the plate where you mount your fish finder screen to - usually on top of the battery box):



  • Kits with a 3.0 designation signifies that the mounting plate footprint is 3"x3" in size - only Humminbird Piranhamax fish finders, and some Garmin Echo and Striker series finders will fit this size of swivel mounting plate.

  • Kits with a 4.5 designation signifies that the mounting plate footprint is 4.5"x4.5" in size.  This size of mounting plate accommodates any fish finder in the 3"-5" screen size, and it will accommodate some 7" sized fish finders with a bit of screen overhang.

  • Kits with a 7.5 designation signifies that the mounting plate footprint is 7.5" long x 3" wide in size.  This swivel mounting plate is designed to mount fish finder screens in the 7" - 9" size

  • We recommend finders that are larger than 9" inches in screen size should use our 11"x3" aluminum mounting plate

If after reading this you are still not sure, or even more confused than before, please call us toll free at 1-855-784-3474 and talk to a friendly - real person, who will be very happy to hear from you and equally as glad to help you in making your fish finder mount selection.  If you do happen to get our answering service, please don't be discouraged, but take the time to leave a message.  We will certainly call you back quickly.  :)
The rule of thumb for selecting a transducer mounting solution:



  • The Xpower Magnetic transducer mount model is the best selection for larger transducers that are in the category of ~ 5" inches or longer; especially when installing such transducers on kayaks; or even when you have a motorized Aluminum boat that you want to travel at the highest speeds you can without worrying about the transducer ejecting from the hull.  For smaller transducers, the standard 15mm Magnetic Transducer Mount model is a good selection in conjunction with most single hull/wall watercraft.  Aluminum Jon boats and V-hull boats between the 10'-16' size are great candidates for this technology, and also even small fiberglass vessels where the wall thickness is less than a 1/4" or 6mm, and is a must for kayaks.  

  • The Strap-On Transducer Mount is a great selection for inflatable bladder based boats where there is a place where you may wrap a strap around the entire profile of one of the inflatable air bladders

  • The Magnetic Bolt-On Transducer Mount and/or plate is great for boats where the material is too thick (beyond a 1/4" in thickness) to use the 15mm or Xpower magnetic transducer mount; or where higher speeds are desirable.  This can even be a great solution for people who want to mount a fish finder on a Jet Ski water craft.  Why have a bolt-on magnetic version you may ask.  Answer(s): Because you may want to easily remove your transducer from your boat whenever you want, and share it among other types of boats (perhaps you have also purchased our 15mm or Xpower magnetic transducer mount too).  You might want to protect your transducer from ultimate destruction - which this mount will because it is not permanently fixed.  You might wish to keep marine growth (barnacles) from forming on your transducer.  Perhaps you have some trailering issues, and keeping the transducer out of the way would be very helpful; these are some very good reasons why we have developed the bolt-on magnetic transducer mount.

  • The Glue-On Transducer Mount is the go to transducer mounting solution in the case of inflatable kayaks, SUPs, and inflatable boats that are in the shape of an oval; where there are no hard surfaces or a transom to clamp anything to.   The Sea Eagle 285 FPB or the STS10 and Hobie Mirage inflatable kayaks are good examples of boats where this is really the only mounting solution that is adequate for the task of professionally installing and mounting your transducer.

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