Photos of our world class Fish Finder Mounting Systems on boats and inflatables just like yours:

Fisher folk everywhere are raving about these fabulously flexible boat mounts

We have created these fishfinder boat mounts to be the best most flexible, most versatile, most universal and most complete solutions in the entire world.  We are confident that you will think so too, once you get your fishfinder mounted onto one of these powerful mounting kits - from your friends at

Fish Finder Mounts .com

You Have a Float Tube or Personal Pontoon - See how easy it has become to mount a fish finder

This is where we started.  We are float tube fishermen at heart, and we are and always will remain passionate about providing our float tubing brethern with the most versatile, simple and elegant fish finder mounting solutions available anywhere in the world.  Read the depth, know the temperature and find the fish with your fish finder mounted securely and perfectly on our float tube mounting series of universal fish finder mounts.  

To our friends with inflatable boats and other sundry watercraft, we give you these fantastic solutions...

During the course of helping everyone with their fish finder mounting needs, we discovered that there's a ton of different types of fishing water craft ( such as fishing kayaks, zodiaks ) beyond the conventional.  If you have one of these beauties - it's quite likely we have a fishfinder mount that will work for you.

The Kayak fishing market is exploding everywhere.  We're just in time to help you rig your 'Yak without goop or drilling - we give you these innovative solutions...

Our Magnetic transducer mount is the proverbial icing on the cake.  It allows you to own many kayaks and just easily switch your sonar over in seconds - literally!  We are so confident in our solution for mounting a fish finder on a kayak, we'll go as far as saying we believe our magnetic transducer mount is the best way to mount a transducer on your kayak bar-none!  It gets your transducer in the water unlike goop on solutions, and yet it's not sticking out of the bottom of a scupper so it's out of harms way.  You can actually tilt it out of the water when you wish to focus on travel and reduce drag.  Oh yeah, and don't bother drilling into your kayak.  You don't need that with our magnetic transducer mount solultion.  By the way, our complete 5 amp hour kayak mounting kit comes with everything you need to mount and power your fish finder on your kayak... just sayin'  :)

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