Our world famous patented 15mm magnetic transducer mount. Don't drill holes, don't use glues. This amazingly innovative solution acts like an invisible clamp. Also, put it on the side of the boat or your transom area. For that matter, attach it pretty much anywhere and on any single wall/hull water craft, such as kayaks, canoes, aluminum boats, plastic boats, and on and on it goes :)


Good for use on hull thicknesses up to a 1/4" inch thick.


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Important note (s): If you have a Lowrance Total Scan or 3D scan fish finder/transducer that has a metal bracket that attached directly to the top of it, or you have a Humminbird Mega Imaging transducer or their XHS 9 HDSI 180T transducer you will need an extra adapter found on the "transducer mounts" page of our webstore.  


We also have an adapter for Garmin transducers (that have a metal bracket attached directly to their top face), but that adapter is optional.  The adapter is a bit more compact and therefore streamlined, and also looks a little slicker than our stock mount. NOTE: Garmin has changed their transducer design again for Spring 2018, and we have noted their new model transducers are now coming with a plastic bracket which our stock transducer mounts are completely compatible with; but our Garmin adapter is not compatible with whatsoever.  Please do not add the Garmin transducer adapter to your purchase if you have purchased a Garmin Striker 4cv plus model or similar new Garmin Fish Finder models.


15mm Magnetic Transducer Mount Kit

  • -RECOMMENDED FOR KAYAKS AND SIMILAR PLASTIC WATERCRAFT. -comes with 1 root arm and 1 extension arm that will provide a total of 5 inches of length off the main magnet pair-base. -extra extensions are available on our web store under "transducer mounts" -Inside Magnet Dimensions: 3.25"L x 1.75"W x 0.75"H
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