You already have a battery you wish to use to power your fish finder, but you want a great mounting solution for your fish finder components that makes your fishfinder completely portable; a mounting solution that provides a vast amount of adjustability, allowing to you to avoid drilling holes in your boat when mounting your transducer, and enables you to attach your fish finder on your boat in a minute or two.  You want to take your fish finder with you on your fishing pals boat.  How about a rental boat?  Not a problem with this fantastic fish finder mounting solution from Fish Finder Mounts .com .  Add to cart and get yours today!

7.5 non-powered Magnetic Boat Mount - 7" to 12" screens

  • -Comes standard with our 15mm magnetic transducer mount, or you may upgrade to the Xpower version on this page via the drop down menu -Recommended for all fish finders from 7 inches in size and up. -We recommend you consider upgrading to our Xpower magnetic transducer mount if you have a transducer that is over 5 inches long.